The News: Day 1 Part 2


Hi guys,

We wanted to let you know that Lisa is in the hospital. Unfortunately it’s looking like a not great situation. Some of you know we were talking about her bruising at the beach the other day. She had blood tests, and after the results we were told to get her to the ER. She had catastrophically low blood numbers (their words). Unfortunately it was all three blood components. She had a bone marrow biopsy last night. And a transfusion.

What we know is – her bone marrow isn’t working.

We also know we’re probably past anything that’s easy. They have been very clear from the beginning that the most likely answer is leukemia. One test result made that a tiny bit less likely, but still the most compelling answer. We’re also looking at aplastic anemia or an auto immune disorder.

We’re at St. John’s. If it’s leukemia they will start chemo next week. If not, we’ll start some treatment next week.

Unsure if we might be able to go home tomorrow and wait until the final diagnosis. We should know by Tuesday. Right now it’s too dangerous for her to leave.

We’re under isolation protocol as she came in with basically no white blood cells or platelets or whatever the third thing is. So she’s susceptible to infection and bleeding.

So please only consider visiting if you’re sure your family is healthy and you are healthy. Hands must be washed. Can’t hug her. No flowers.

I hate writing this email. It’s been a long 36 hours. Theo is here with us now, and we’re letting him see what Lisa looks like, and starting to prepare him for what’s coming. Letting him see what the hospital is like. We’re having a movie night, then he’ll go to Ben and Lenna’s.

No brisket I’m sad to say for Yom Kippur, and if this all comes to fruition in the ways it’s looking, we’re gonna need good friends.

Love you guys –


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