Morning everyone from the 4th floor of St. John’s.

We’re settling in for a day of football.

Bit of a rough night as we learned yesterday her platelets and white blood count were dropping again. Last night reality started sinking in for Lisa, and she woke up in a panic. Some long walks down the hallways and Xanax and we tried to get a little more sleep. All to be expected.

Being in the hospital is starting to wear, so we will ask if we can go home and wait at home today. Our guess is that won’t happen, but we will try with the promise that we will make sure she doesn’t bump anything.

Theo’s with our amazing friends Ben and Lenna and definitely worried. He’ll come back and watch football with us today.

Here are the numbers for the medical folks on this list (we got some doctors, we got some nurses):

Yesterday afternoon:

2.0 white blood count (down from a high of 2.4)

40K platelets (down from a high of 50k – but after a transfusion)

This morning:

2.1 white blood count

36K platelets.

Remember, please, good thoughts and love to her. Questions and coordinations to me.




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