Well… Here We Go: Day 6 Part 2

Hello all,

What a day this has been. We’ve just come from Dr. Paquette – The Guy. There was one unfortunate glitch that I couldn’t get the slides of Lisa’s Bone Marrow Biopsy released from St. John’s in time to bring with us. Until he looks at the slides, he won’t make the final diagnosis. But, even Lisa finally heard that this was Aplastic Anemia.

Our hematologist (who has never seen an actually case of AA) kept talking about the idea that maybe her blood would regenerate itself. Paquette said clinically (as the guy who sees this all the time) that just doesn’t happen. At her levels, she needs treatment. He was willing to let her wait for one or maybe two weeks so that she could get her head around it, and prove to ourselves that this it won’t spontaneously regenerate but… really probably need to start treatment next week.

Treatment will be 5 days in the hospital getting immunosuppressant drugs. And then it’s a very long wait to see if it works – 3-6 months during which time she will be even more susceptible. If it doesn’t work, probably will have to try a bone marrow transplant.

Big stuff.

I’ve known we were here for a few days, and walked away feeling really good because this guy is going to save her life. This guy is like one of three people who sees this all the time. And he’s kind of awesome. And he said, “I like this diagnosis, because it makes doctors look good.”

Lisa is just really hearing all this (it’s been said over- and over – but patient brain is actually taking it in) for the first time. And she’s very focused on the mortality rates. But, she’s not going to be in that 10-20%. She’s way too strong for that. This guy is going to make it happen.

Okay, numbers, just ‘cause. We’re a little up, and little down, a little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll.

WBC up to 2.0
Hemoglobin (Yay, you made the report) holding at 9
Platelets down to 23K after a transfusion (boo platelets)

I wish I could write nice simple little updates. But, this is obviously not simple. And, I use these as my records for my binder of this illness. You should ask to see it – it’s impressive.

Why here it is: Image 5

One other piece of info is we’re looking at idiopathic AA. Which means, we don’t know the source. Some toxin, or even a virus. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.

Lisa looks amazing, and I keep having to say to friends I know are about to see her, “I want to prepare you…” and they lower their heads saying they can take it, and I say, “No I want to prepare you, that she seems… totally normal, and you’re going to think we’re punking you for child care!”

And this woman who never really likes red meat cannot stop eating meatballs. Or In and Out burgers.

So that’s what I got. This is going to take awhile. Like I said, we still need him to see the slides to just absolutely say YES, but, yes. (He’s given me his pager number so I can hand him the slides, and no pathologist for him – he’ll look at it himself.)

This guy is gonna save her life. So suck on that Aplastic Anemia, that everyone thinks is just anemia and says, “My grandma has that.” No, no your Grandma doesn’t.



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