It’s a Part 2 Kinda Day: Day 10 Part 2

Hello friends, loved ones, and passive observers (there are no passive observers),

What a fucking day (no one said this was a PG update letter).

For the first time I handed over second chair to someone else (Sara N. everyone – she was a rock) and went to a record this morning for an hour. Sara took Lisa to get blood tests. On my way back heading towards them on the 405, The Guy calls and says “She’s got 2,000 platelets. That’s really bad. Get her to the hospital!” (remember that i have as a marker The Mom whose kid’s eyeballs bled at 6K so I assumed that was the worst anything could be).Thankfully they were still at the hospital and were escorted into the chemo/transfusion room (I mean, good times in there). I tagged out Sara, and they transfused her with platelets. The awful sickly white glow of her face disappeared halfway into the bag. Thank you platelets! And all people who donate platelets!

Here’s the thing. Lisa doesn’t like to wait in lines. And there was a line of people waiting for beds before her. Not anymore! Lisa jumped to the front, and Paquette walked the halls (one of his folks told me this) looking for someone to discharge. Lisa was in by 4, which is pretty darned good as these things go.

The people on this ward are the people The Guy picked, and so far they are all amazing too, but of course The Fellow (see Update: The Diagnosis) was on, and she is still out of her mind about Doc, and she had Lisa cheering she was so great.

Pic line in the morning. Tester drugs to see if she has a severe reaction – if not, bring on the horse serum (did I mention it’s horse serum that will save her life – does this mean I have to buy her a pony when this is done? Or will that just be weird because she’ll be part horse by then?) Anyhooo…


If you think she has no immune system now, just you wait!

She will get Karen Silkwood baths every day to help fight infection.
She is NOT allowed food bought in any store or restaurant. Only homemade food that people have followed good hygiene procedures (If you think you might be willing or able to make food, let me know and I’ll get you some instructions). But I had to send away Darby bringing a meatball sub, and that was a very hard  thing to do.
And all the stuff from before – no flowers. No hugs. Wash your filthy mitts.

When I finally picked up Theo (Thank you Gina!) and told him she was already in the hospital he shouted, “Yay!” I asked why that was his response. “Because then she’s one day closer to being better!” Well done young son. That’s exactly what I will now tell myself it means.

A few randoms – 1) They admitted today she will likely be in the hospital for more like 8 days, and maybe 10 2) I had a two, but my brain isn’t working well right now. 3) Is really the old two – Lisa’s sister Gloria is arriving like the cavalry tomorrow and I am so relieved.

So, let’s do the numbers:

So, 2k for platelets. That’s impressive folks. Not a drop of 2K, but 2K all in. The Fellow told me even The Guy had been scared when he saw the numbers.
Red Blood Cells holding pretty much at 8.9
White Blood Cells 2

Today we were schooled in a whole new number that is suddenly very important.
It’s her Absolute neutrophil count. It is .02  – It will probably go down to .00

She can’t leave until it’s .05 – so that number becomes the release from the hospital number.

Lisa and I both had some real down moments today. The drastic drop in platelets was really really scary. And moving into an oncology ward for a long time is not for the faint of heart. We agreed I would leave to be home with Theo tonight, but saying goodbye was so very hard. I hate leaving her there to face all of this alone, even for one night.

Theo is just hanging tough. I did find out last night that he had misunderstood and thought he couldn’t see her for 6 months (poor guy!) but the good news is, 10 days now seems like a piece of cake.

That’s what I’ve got. This sucks if you hadn’t quite gotten that before. It really sucks. Lisa has alway been one of the healthiest people I know. And now she’s one of the sickest. Like a great hi/low poker hand.




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