Round One… Done: Day 12

Morning everyone,

I know everyone has been anxious to see how her first treatment went so I thought I leave something in your morning inbox. While it ruins the narrative flow, let’s cut to the chase – thumbs up!

Image 5

She just finished her first full bag of horse, and she is, as always, completely inspiring and amazing. The side effects from this drug are scary, and almost always occur in some way. We got started really really late (4:30pm) and had an 8 hour drip. Once we start late, we will always be on a late rotation (they can only move us up by a few hours) so that sucks. We’re on vampire hours, and any idea that she can be alone at night is off the table.

The reactions can be so strong that Paquette stayed late just to be sure he was here for her first few hours. Boy is that scary as the first drops go in. First twenty minutes they stay with you. Nothing. First hour vitals every 15 minutes. Nothing. One hour passes. Then two. Then three. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Now the day team (including The Fellow) leave.

The Fellow tells us to make sure they hit us with our intravenous Benadryl every four hours, and gives us her home cell to call if there are any issues, and she’ll call the nurses (thank you Doc McStuffins which is apparently being viewed in the doctor’s lounge today – and thank you Brown Bag for the cover of the notebook – it has made doctors and nurses stop and that’s what you want… them to see you as something more than a chart).

First four hours pass. It’s changeover and we are still awake. I get all over making sure she has her Benadryl. We feel invincible. This thing ain’t makin’ a dent in her. We’re reminded of when she gave birth at 47, and was one of the strongest healthiest pregnancies we knew at the time.

1:00 am the come to do vitals. Lisa and I have fallen sound asleep. We’ve missed the 4 hour mark. And the nurses missed the 4 hour mark (lesson learned). Our nurse is on lunch break, and the 4 hours fell in that gap. I set an alarm for the first, but not the second (lesson learned lesson learned lesson learned). Suddenly Lisa says she’s itchy. Lights on. Her back is lit up like a Christmas tree with hives. (lesson learned!)

They’ve pushed the Benadryl. She’s listening to music to take her mind off of things. The itching is subsiding. And the ATG is almost done.

After that her first two blood transfusions. The HgB drop didn’t make Paquette happy, so he’s gonna boost her up while she’s doing treatment. We’re gonna be running drips all night long here.

She’s going to need to catch up on sleep tomorrow.

All in all, this is nothing she can’t handle <— her words. She’s strong and amazing and right, this is nothing she can’t handle <— mine.

Frankly, this small a reaction is unusual, so we’ll take it, and the hives are a reminder to us not to fuck around (like we were going to fuck around).

Also, I’m very lucky to be so short. How do tall people sleep on this side couch? Oh right, you don’t really sleep.

Round one, done.

Now, the one question I forgot to ask is… what’s the cumulative effect of horse… or *equine* as they so delicately call it?


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