Drip, Drip, Drip: Day 13

Hi all –

Today started with The Guy and The Fellow bursting into the room in funny hats (for the rest of the floor who have lost their hair) and playing Time For Your Check Up on their phones. The Fellow is moving off the rotation today, which is a bummer for us.

Round two of treatment – halfway done – and still no major side effects. That girl is rock solid. I know this treatment is supposed to favor the young, but I’d put my money on a mom trying to get home to their kid any day.

They transfused two units of red blood last night. We finished ATG at 1:30 am. Started transfusing blood at 2am. First bag went to 4, and then again from 4-6am. Not a lot of sleep. Tonight we should be done at 10:30 – no transfusions ordered. Maybe a little more R.E.M. sleep. Maybe.

Okay, it’s later in the treatment – 5 hours in. Hives are pretty bad… but again, of the choices of reactions, nothing really to complain about. Waiting for the doctor to up her Benadryl. Two and a half more hours today and we’ll be halfway through the treatment. Yay!

Numbers will tell a lot of the story:

Her red blood count is up thanks to two transfusions so 9.8
Platelets are dropping faster again back down to 10k. They will probably have to transfuse tomorrow is my guess. They’ll transfuse tonight if she spikes a fever.
The number that’s hard to look like is the WBC. It’s been critical as she’s been hovering around 2.0 but now she’s at .48 – I realize that’s the medicine working. But boyo is that hard to see.
Her ANC is bumped up to .4 – that’s apparently a result of the prednisone.

I do realize I’m mostly focused on the side effects so it seems like nothing much is happening, but the actual disease and the intended effects of the drugs are enough thank you so much.

If I thought she had no immune system before, she has absolutely no immune system now. We’re starting to look at what is next. And truth be told, we just have no idea what post-hospital will be like.

Only other fun story of the day is that I had needed to contact Robin Roberts for something work related. Disney had given me her email address, and I had written a letter to her the night before Lisa was sent to the ER. Of course, she is famous for having MDS which is AA’s sister syndrome. And as a woman in her 50’s she kicked ass through similar treatment and a bone marrow transplant.

I sent the letter last night. She responded this morning. And then I wrote an email explaining what had happened since I first wrote her that letter that’s been sitting on my computer. She sent Lisa words of beautiful encouragement, and a helping hand if we need it.

Weird how all roads lead to right where we are.

Oh, and if you want to feel really old ask every nurse over three shifts if they’ve ever seen Rear Window and have them not even know who Hitchcock is.

Reminder to coordinate visits and stuff through me. Love and encouragement to her.

Love, encouragements and all that from 6 East,



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