What a Difference a Day Makes: Two Weeks

Lisa bounced back emotionally yesterday as she always seems to do. And last night, Round 3, was a much easier night. Zero hives (they pre-medicated more intensely for it). So far Lisa hasn’t even spiked a fever. Horse Lady has been born!

And last night we slept better than any night before, not withstanding the 4:00 am body ache/backache. As Lisa doesn’t like to attribute anything to being about the chemo, she wants to say she’s sore from being in the bed so much, but it’s pretty clear muscle ache is Day Three’s version of side effects. We knew that there were backache and joint ache issues, and she’s feeling those, but not badly. Overall a really good night. And I think getting just a little more sleep was helpful to both of us.

Lisa is running the joint as you would expect. She’s working the charge nurses (our favorite’s last name is Queen), making clear who she likes (and doesn’t like) and knows everything-about-everything-about-everyone. And poor Ritchie who pushed in her meds too fast causing her head to spin will never make that mistake again. And Frankie, who didn’t clean her port well, might be wondering why she’s getting the stinky mean patients this week. Look no further than the end of the hall.

And LaTonia got in trouble for sitting down and joining the party at Lisa’s bedside, but we sure loved seeing pictures of her custom roller skates (gold dipped at 350 a’pop!) and her description of the zen of roller skating.

We liked The Other Guy a lot. No Paquette, but how could he be.

Starting donor matching talks should she need it.

Big shout out to Aunt Gloria who has been such a huge huge help and I know we’ve both appreciated having her here. She’s spent her days with Lisa, and her nights with Theo. And she even conquered the 405 at night. Baddass. Aunt Cindy is next up. Me, I can’t wait to sleep at home with Theo, but not until treatments are done. Which will be after tonight! Last round folks!

The numbers:

For some reason the WBC and ANC haven’t come back (or don’t exists?)
Red Blood: 8.2 <— close to transfusion levels but not there yet
Platelets: with yesterdays transfusion she hit 22k. But the days of that first transfusion in the ER bringing her up to 50k is over.

Today’s doctor visitor told us Paquette tends to send healthier patients home even if their ANC isn’t back all the way, so now we’re completely confused and have no idea if she’ll be home sooner or later.

No question we’re the healthiest ones here. We shouldn’t have asked what the stars over people’s doors meant. Because they’re on at least 40 % of the ward. It’s weird to be amongst so much death. Especially when we are feeling so alive.

Today is two weeks since we went into the ER. How life has changed.


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