Freeedoooomm!!!: Day 15


The rumors that Paquette was aggressive in sending people home is true!!! We’re going home tomorrow! Yeeeehaaaw!!

Apparently the nurse who told us we had to wait for the ANC to go up to .5 was giving us the leukemia protocol, but Paquette laughed and said, well that’s gonna take you months! Paquette who was here on a Friday night when he wasn’t the Attending. Because that’s what Paquette does!!

He basically thinks as long as we’re smart we’re safer at home than in the hospital with all the germs that live here.

So anyway… please don’t all descend on the house!!

She has no immune system. None. Zero. Nada.

White Blood Count .22
ANC .1

They’ll give us a transfusion before we leave tomorrow.

She’ll go in Monday for a transfusion – probably every two or three days.

She’s going to need to rest. She’s going to need to be careful. And she can’t get sick. She can’t go into crowded places. She can’t get bumped around.

Don’t come near our home if you are ill or around anyone who is ill in any way.

But we are so excited. Theo is going to lose his mind.

We assume it will take awhile tomorrow, so check in if you were going to come see her.

Hopefully we can stop the daily updates. This journey is far from over, and now it’s a 3-6 month wait to see if her body starts to reboot itself. Please! Please! Please! Reeeeboooot!

Happy on 6E


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