The odds are ever in our favor…

Hi everyone,

I know my weekend update was ennui filled, so here’s our post-Paquette update: that guy – The Guy – is just a little  wiry ball of sunshine. He makes us feel so optimistic.

Mainly, he just reassures us that Lisa is reacting exactly as he would expect. This should be her lowest point in terms of numbers. She starts tapering the Prednisone today, so that will be a little helpful.

He told her the “odds are in your favor”. (Since most AA patients are in their late teens and twenties I suggested he add an “ever” to that phrase for cool points.)

He did remind us that 3 months is the short end of us seeing change and knowing if this has worked. 6 months is when we will start to seriously look at transplantation if her numbers hadn’t begun to recover.

“This is a disease that requires great patience,” he remind us yet again. Lisa is one of the least patient people I know. Maybe we can get a patience transplant? Or, we will have learned great life lessons by the time this is all over.

We have two nights alone – and then my Mom is out for a week to help out.

Platelets were 7K today… which means I won the bet (she predicted 3K again) And winning is indeed all that matters.

If she can get back up over 10K he’ll let her drop down to 2 days a week for blood draws.

Lisa waiting for her transfusion at UCLA: 

Image 8

Feeling the love. Loving the food. And enjoying the air conditioning from Suite 210 at UCLA.
(loving the food you’ve all been cooking not the food at UCLA – because that would be crazy-town)



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