Chris (or someone): Four Weeks

Hello everyone,

Today is one month since Brian told Lisa to go straight to the ER.

It is also Theo’s 9th birthday. Ah, what a strange birthday this will be. Frankly, Theo is over this whole Aplastic Anemia thing! It’s a controversial stance, but I suppose we understand where he’s coming from. DUDE, WE’RE ALL OVER THIS APLASTIC ANEMIA THING!

Of course, Lisa can’t go to Theo’s birthday party this Sunday, so we will have a special meal at home tonight. Ice cream cake, pizza, Grandma and cousin JD. (We’re not eating Grandma and JD, just the ice cream cake and pizza).

Lisa has had three platelet transfusions this week. She was at 7k on Monday and 4k on Wednesday. Paquette asked for a second blood panel after the Wed transfusion to check if the platelets were being ‘received’. Directly after the transfusion she had 43k. At an early blood draw today she had 22k platelets. That’s the best hold we’ve seen in two weeks, but she still lost 20k in two days. So, even though she was significantly higher, she probably would have dropped very low by Monday, so they are transfusing her today anyway. I’m thankful for that.

We were able to prove once and for all that her platelets had nothing to do with her energy level (Paquette has said this all along – maybe we should listen to this guy). Starting on Tuesday, Lisa’s head really began to clear, and she has had a real boost in energy. Our family breakfast game on doctor-days is “Guess the Platelets” (doesn’t everyone play this with their 9 year olds?) We guessed between 11k and 14k based on the relative bounce in her step. But, it turned out it was 4k. Waa-waaaa. We all lost on that one.

Big thanks to my Mom for being here this week. She is getting her LA driving hours in, and might be setting up an Uber account on the side. Also thanks to cousin JD for extending her west coast trip to sit with Lisa on treatment days.

Lisa wrote a note to Theo’s teacher about his birthday that “Chris (or someone) will bring in popsicles.” I laughed thinking that could be the subtitle of this period in our life: “Chris (or someone)”.

So thank you to all the someones. We really couldn’t do it without you.

As a side note, her ANC has dropped back down to .4 so very low immune system right now. And obviously her platelets keep bottoming out. Please remember that none of you are the exceptions. No flowers, no illness. No, you can’t being your kids (Theo shouldn’t be here, but he’s ours so we’re giving him a pass.) If you’re visiting, don’t bring extra people. Wash your hands, and understand if we need to say that today isn’t a good day.

Happy Friday everyone.

–Your friendly bouncer.


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