How Low Can She Go, Part the Second

Never one to ask a rhetorical question…

Seriously, how low can she go?

Hemoglobin 5.9
Platelets 4K
ANC .3

That seems to be the answer. Her body is pretty freaked out right now.

Yikes. Doctor Josh (who sees us just before Paquette, and then rounds with him) reminds us not to get discouraged by these numbers. GULP. Okay.

So, Saturday Lisa was tired, but we seem to both have realized this is our life right now, we have to do better than just sitting on the couch. Let’s try to get things back to a little more normal.

So… Saturday Lisa drove a car for the first time in the past 5 weeks, and drove herself to Theo’s soccer game (also her first time in public). She also drove home. I drove Theo both ways. She wasn’t ready to have him in the car. By the next day, driving would be out of the question.

But back to Saturday. She watched soccer just like all the other Moms. Except that every time a ball came near her I leapt in front of her to make sure she wouldn’t get hit. I was getting weirdo side-eye from some Mom on the other team who wondered if I was living my goalie dreams vicariously through my kid.

Lisa watching soccer:

Image 16

After soccer we decided to continue the roll we were on of living life as it should be lived – so Theo and I went to the In n’ Out drive-thru. We ordered her double-double without lettuce or tomato. And let’s be honest nothing else is surviving the cook on that thing. Theo sweetly asked to speak to the person taking the order (after I was done) to see if there was anything besides the tomato or lettuce that was raw on the burger. He was double checking that it was okay for Lisa to eat. Cutie pie.

Then, Ben and Eli stopped by to pick up Theo for a play date, and while Eli and Theo played in the front yard, Ben showed off his new retro SAAB convertible. I asked him to take Lisa for a ride. It felt like a High School date.

Image 14

But by Saturday night, her head was absolutely throbbing again. She was up all night for the third time. Sunday there was some spontaneous gatherings on our front porch while Halloween decorations went up, and she kept up with the conversations until everyone left. She lay down on the couch at about 1:00 and basically didn’t get up again until this morning. Her head was killing her. Pounding headaches. Extreme fatigue. Her mouth has been bleeding. Nausea. Not fun.

The numbers this morning give us a good indication why. But now we must figure out an effective way to treat her headaches. Picking up new medications today. And hoping the red blood transfusion will help.

We started this morning with a blood draw at 7:45. After seeing Dr. Josh and Paquette, I went to work, while she started… 6-7 hours of transfusions. So, like a 10 hour treatment day? Super fun times.

But, at least we have Halloween to keep the black humor flowing, if not the blood:

Image 15

How could I not buy the platelet stickies? How?

Hoping to see some color in the cheeks of my vampire at the end of the day today.

Thanks Norma for hospital duty, John and Tina for Theo drop off, Sara and Pete for pick up.

Theo can’t miss that Lisa is very sick right now. There’s no ability to ‘get it up’ for him. He’s trying to figure out what to do with all this reality. I guess we all are.

Love Chris

PS Theo is a goblin for Halloween. Not the green giant. Because that wouldn’t be cool. Like a goblin is.


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