Assholes Don’t Donate Platelets: Week Six

Hi everyone!

As you may remember from our last episode, Lisa had two bags of red blood cells on Monday, and a bag o’ platelets.

Tuesday she put those red blood cells to good use, and picked Theo up from school (calm down everyone – she didn’t leave the car). She parked on the street, and Melina brought Theo to her, and she drove home. I think we’ve determined that she’d best take advantage when she’s feelin’ it, because she’s not going to be feeling it all that often.

Wednesday she had 8.4 hemoglobin. Wish she’d gotten a bigger bounce from those two bags, but we ain’t gonna complain. And her platelets were 4k – so the platelets are really just bottoming out right away.

The fun bonus round for Wednesday was an allergic reaction to the platelets. Lisa said they didn’t look right to her… which, is surprising that she can tell how good a bag of platelets looks because frankly, I’ve seen a lot of them in the past six weeks (sneaking in that this is 6 weeks since the ER) and they all just look like a bag of chicken fat. Anyway, she really disliked her nurse who didn’t react well when she started to itch, and so she had to spend a couple extra hours in the clinic. Because, she’s not spending enough time there already.

We did sit that night wondering if some asshole in our life donated platelets and on principal (which is so like her) her body was now rejecting them outright. (Don’t worry, not manyof you were on that list.) But we figured assholes don’t donate platelets.

The nurses say it is usually a reaction to a specific bag, and not a switch that’s been flipped, but we’re waiting to see how today’s transfusion goes. Oh shoot – I gave it away that she got a transfusion today too.

Pretend you didn’t hear that and act surprised: Today’s numbers were 8.1 HgB and 5k platelets. So yeah, another 3 transfusion week with a total of 5 bags of blood product.

They aren’t giving her red blood today (yay!) but that puts her in a position of facing the weekend (her longest stretch between blood draws) low on the red blood (boo), which we know isn’t fun.

Also, she’s been having a lot of sores and bleeding in her mouth. So, not fun although very Halloweeny. Have I mentioned that the show I’m now running is about Vampires? Not even joking.

Not Fun Fact, But Fact: Patients can’t be transfused forever because the transfusions stop working as well over time. Monday I will ask how long that takes. Are we there? Is that why she’s bottoming out so quickly? Hope not.

What else, what else? That allergic reaction really cramped my style since I was going to try to actually have a drink with a friend. So… feel sorry for me. Actually I still had the drink, I just did it very quickly.

Theo said something really great early in the week that was so profound I knew I wouldn’t forget for the next update. Yeah… don’t…. don’t remember what it was.

Emily – who is helping us out – is amazing and very comforting for Lisa so that’s great.

And… here’s the big one… the blood draw kits have gone out to The Sisters. One arrived in Cleveland today. I don’t want to say anything disparaging about the Cincinnati postal service, but I’m assuming the other one will arrive tomorrow. We need good thoughts for a match with one of them. The most successful BMTs (Bone Marrow Transplants) are from siblings. Whatever happens, let’s just give a lotta love for the ladies who are willing to do whatever they have to for Lisa. And we know all three sisters would if they could. Each sibling has a 25% change of matching, but two of them doesn’t equal 50%.

If you live in LA and want to do something (or hedge off being an asshole) consider giving platelets to UCLA. Lisa is surviving off of at least 3 bags a week. Platelets are particularly hard because the shelf life is 4 to 5 days, yet it takes a few hours to give. Their page says they are in need of platelets right now. They’re not naming names, but I am: Lisa.

Well, that’s what I’ve got. Happy Halloween everyone! Keep checking in with her. She likes knowing you’re all out there. On the other side of the bubble.

Love n’ Stuff



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