Up and Down

I’m trying to update less, but inevitably someone asks because they know she had a draw today. So, if you want off the emails, please do let me know. Maybe at some point I’ll set up a blog. But this is easiest for now.

So… today was confusing.

16k Platelets – an obvious big ol’ win. Yes, yes and yes.

But hemoglobin at 7 – this one affects her well being far more. She’s been feeling off, and has the start of a headache.

Still, at Paquette’s recommendation, she’s decided not to transfuse. But she has four days before the next appointment.

May have to do our first walk-in tomorrow or Saturday. And may affect the plans for her to go to her first school event tomorrow. We shall see.

Two housekeeping notes:

Clarified that Barb is a perfect 10/10 match. That is good.

Also, please remember that Lisa is not on the updates. That was her choice, and a very healthy one to me. Her motto is “I’m on a need to know basis”. The updates are sitting in her book, easy for her to access, but she doesn’t want to read them. So please, don’t forward these to her. She knows they go out, and sometimes asks if I wrote about x, y, or z. So definitely no need to pretend you didn’t hear something, you can reference info to her. Just, email her without adding her to this email.

Again, we couldn’t do this without all your support, love and good vibes. So thank you.


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