The New Normal – A Post From the Patient, Lisa

*this post is from Lisa
Hello all. 

Here’s the mantle of well wishes that cheered me on for so many weeks. I took the cards down on New Year’s Day, yet they continue to lift me up. Over the weekend, I read all of Chris emails. Feeling so strong now, I was ready to look back, and I did shed a bucket of tears. Wow, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. But Chris is one hell of a writer, and made our torturous time pretty compelling to read about. I’m so glad to have provided a happy(ish) ending to our story, though we know it’s far from over. 

On Friday, I visited the Ucla Hematology/Oncology Clinic, probably for the last time, as I’ll be seeing Dr. Paquette at Cedars Sinai starting in March. I always get nervous when I arrive at the Clinic, but this time my reason for going was to meet with the volunteer department. Yes, I’ll no longer be a patient, but there to help other patients through their toughest of times.
I felt dizzy and nauseous just being at UCLA, and my pals on the front line agreed with my wife/bouncer that I should get one last blood draw for peace of mind, for old times sake, and 15 bucks. It my first time getting the numbers without Chris, nor The Guy, but somewhere inside I knew that everything would be OK and I could handle it on my own. My BFF nurse, Priscilla, read the results –  11.2 Hemoglobin, 3.83 WBC, and… 111,000 platelets. Almost normal.
It’s not completely over, but look how far we’ve come. I feel great most of the time, and I take pride in my strength and meteoric rise. But you all continue to stand with me – Chris, Theo, my sisters, my mom, Chris’ parents and the rest of our family, and our totally amazing family of friends. You know who you are.

Thank you all for the love. We feel it. And we will keep you informed. But don’t expect to hear anything – ’til the end of March!


2 thoughts on “The New Normal – A Post From the Patient, Lisa

  1. Lisa, so thrilled to hear about your amazing recovery. So wonderful that you’ll be volunteering there. And great numbers!

    Chris’ Nervous Writing was invaluable in keeping us all up to date on your journey. All our love. BIG HUGS. Hal and Matthew.


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