One Big Angry Torso: Day 14


Whatever I said before about her having a lot of hives, and I just had no idea what the phrase ‘a lot of hives’ could mean. She had a pretty bad allergic reaction last night. Lots of angry red streaks across her stomach and back. Very itchy. But she can’t touch them.
This morning they have all merged into one big angry red torso. Hasn’t affected anything vital. But very uncomfortable.
Tons a drugs being ordered to calm things down.
Suddenly halfway there feels like a long way away.
And we just realized that The Fellow isn’t the only one moving off the service. The Guy isn’t the attending this month. Still our doctor in the clinic, but won’t be rounding for the rest of our stay. (Except he might be covering Friday). Hope to hell we like the new guys, because that’s a mindfuck. I’m trying to create The Cult of The Guy… but now I have to create The Cult of The Other Guy. Trying to smile through my dread with confidence from my side of the room.
Blood tests back. Dropped down to 5k platelets. Two days to burn through the last bag. Definitely a big emotional road bump for her.
HgB 8.7
WBC .51
ANC 0.3
Lots of love to her today. Please don’t talk about her rough night.
We haven’t really had visitors here on this stay. Only people covering when I’ve been away. Please check in with me today in particular if you’d been thinking of coming or Lisa had talked to you about coming.
Right now we just have to focus on what’s in front of us – two more treatments.
Thanks everyone-


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